24 February 2012

Writers Wanted for New Blog on Relationships: CoupleWise.com (rate: $30 per essay)

Post date: 24 February 2012
CoupleWise is a unique startup site in Stealth Beta that focuses on helping couples improve and strengthen their relationships. We are on Facebook, Twitter and will have a mobile web app as well.

We are looking for excellent writers (experience is helpful, but not mandatory) who can contribute essays on what we like to call, "The HardStuff." By HardStuff we mean the sort of essays that will give therapists and therefore our blog (and tweets) a chance to talk about how CoupleWise will gave mates the skills to love wisely (for the long haul) in ways that strengthen and deepen the relationship. A great resource or comparison would be the MODERN LOVE COLUMN in the Sunday New York Times. We are looking for essays in that type of style, but using the topics listed below.

Topics that we are interested in are the following:

1) Learn at a deeper level than ever what your partner really wants from the relationship that will make him or her happy

2) Learn how to deeply listen

3) How to handle conflict in constructive (wise) ways other than arguing, defending, threatening, criticism, stonewalling or judging each other.

4) Learn who your partner really is - the 75 most important things to know about him or her

5) How to make and keep agreements

6) How to create rituals that strengthen your relationship

7) How to motivate an unmotivated partner

8) Connecting when your partner doesn't want to talk

9) How to have more play together (the fountain of romance) even if you don't have a lot of money or can't find the time.

10) Gender differences re:communication, problem solving.

11) We are open to more topics that are relevant to the "HardStuff."

Please contact me if you are interested. Because we are a startup pay will be low ($30 per essay with possible backend depending upon experience and quality of essay), and eventually as our 2nd round of funding comes in, and our site begins to make money (it will be a paid subscription site) compensation will be greater.

Location: Anywhere

Compensation: To Start $30 per essay with backend depending upon experience and quality of ess


For inquiries: xzq67-2868120654@gigs.craigslist.org

For submissions: xzq67-2868120654@gigs.craigslist.org

Website: http://www.couplewise.com/
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