27 February 2012

Writer's Guidelines: Becoming Family Magazine

Post date: 27 February 2012
Mission Plan: Becoming Family is dedicated to celebrating and strengthening family life in America. It will do this principally by underscoring the joy and beauty of family. It will also offer ideas, advice, and encouragement, together with inspiring stories of families that are striving to grow stronger. Becoming Family's guiding ideal is that the family is the origin of life, the most basic of human communities, and society's principal teacher of values and virtues.

Background: Our goal is to inspire and encourage families not to live as disparate individuals, but rather as a loving, caring team. We want to nurture families and provide a clear philosophy and supporting voice that will help promote the values, beauty, dignity, and joy of marriage and family life. We are looking for stories about "real" families and celebrity families who can be role models for family values. We want families whose lives demonstrate that great things can be accomplished by individuals nurtured in a loving home. Stories should express, in an upbeat way, that good families don't just happen, they require work and nurturing. Stories may also be sentimental, nostalgic, human interest-things that tug at the heart and give families pride in their heritage and lifestyle.

Voice: Upbeat, inspiring, encouraging.

Types of Stories:
  • "Real" families—role models who place a high value on home and family, its ideals and goals. We want traditional families who have triumphed together over adversities and met the challenges of life as a team. We will see how these families live, love, and grow stronger together.
  • Family issues—stories about families that focus on: education, raising adolescents, secrets to a happy marriage, balancing home and family, etc.
  • Historical family living—features the family life of a well-known historical figure and offers readers ideas for improving their family life.
  • Kid friendly places to visit and things to do as a family.
  • "Neighbors"—Families and individuals who are working to change their neighborhood and communities.
  • Essays that celebrate the joys of home and family.
  • Family heroes—past and present (human interest, family legacy).
  • Fiction—extremely well-written pieces on home and family life.
  • Celebrity families that feature well-known personalities from sports, arts, or entertainment who can serve as role models for family living.

For Teens:
  • Inspiring stories of outstanding students and athletes.
  • Inspiring stories of teens who are changing their world.
  • Role model stories for teens—athletes, artists, and entertainment personalities.

Payment: The magazine pays on acceptance for all rights. Fees vary according to assignment and experience.

Policy: Becoming Family accepts no responsibility for the return of unsolicited manuscripts or artwork. We will promptly reply to queries accompanied by self-addressed envelopes with sufficient postage.

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