19 February 2012

Write Women-Owned Business Profiles for GoGalavanting.com

Post date: 19 February 2012
When it comes to travel, we believe women are interested in more than just fashion, style columns, and reviews of ludicrously expensive resorts. Are you a first-timer, just back from your first trip abroad? Or have you spent enough time living abroad to have the insight of a local? Or are you an adventurous jet-setter who has traveled all over the world for work or pleasure?
We want your travel essays and travel tips. Published and unknown writers are invited to submit.

Women-Owned Business Profiles

Whether it’s a killer good food stall in Thailand or a woman-owned hotel in Paris, we’re always on the lookout for women-owned businesses. As part of enhancing the experience of women travelers, we want to help them connect to unique experiences and support other women. Infusing a bit about her personal flair or a quote from a brief interview would be a nice addition, but this is not a biography of the businesswomen. Tell us what makes it a great place, why it’s unique and why readers should take time to visit this business.

This is not a review of the business, but more an informational article about the business itself. We don’t need negative critiques of bad places, just info about great ones. If you have photos to accompany your article, please let us know, we’d love to see if we can include them. If you haven’t got the time to write a profile yourself, please email us information on the fabulous women-owned business(es) you’d like to see featured on Galavanting. Venture Profiles are between 300-800 words.

Feature travel essays (600-1200 words) are paid $50 within 30 days after publication. Published travel tips and A View From Abroad blog entries (200-500 words) are paid $15 each within 30 days after publication.


For inquiries: submissions@gogalavanting.com

For submissions: submissions@gogalavanting.com

Website: http://www.gogalavanting.com
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