25 July 2011

Call for Children's Book Manuscripts: Lady Bug Publishing

Post date: 25 July 2011
Deadline: 1 September 2011

Lady Bug Publishing is an eMedia publishing company in its infancy. Currently LBP plans to launch its website by October 2011 and is seeking manuscripts from previously unpublished authors for publication on the website. Authors are paid commission on each book sold (see Compensation for details). This freelance opportunity can lead to future ventures for dedicated writers who can produce quality works within deadline specifications.

If chosen for publication by LBP, authors will be required to sign a legally binding Publisher-Author agreement for each book to include confidentiality, deadline, and compensation specifications. Writers are responsible for the copyright of their works. However, copyright is not required for eMedia publication.

To have a manuscript considered for publication:
  • Submit manuscripts via Email to: LadyBugPublishing@verizon.net
  • Subject Line: Writer Submission
  • Email should include: Title of Manuscript
  • Manuscript type (ie. Children's book, Novel, Graphic Novel,
  • Short story, poetry, etc.
  • Author's Name, Phone Number and Mailing address
  • Deadline to be featured in website launch: September 1, 2011
  • Deadline for subsequent submissions: 1st of each month

AUTHOR shall prepare the following, to the satisfaction of the PUBLISHER:
  • Manuscripts in Arial, Georgia, or Tahoma font in MS Word or MS Works format. Manuscripts should be edited and checked for spelling errors PRIOR to submission.
  • All illustrations in digital format (jpeg or pdf) at no less than 300dpi.

COMPENSATION: As AUTHOR's sole compensation herein, AUTHOR shall be paid, minimum royalties of 75% for each eBook sold on PUBLISHER's website and 50% for each eBook sold on subsequent websites unless otherwise specified by said websites as outlined in Publisher - Author agreement. AUTHOR will be paid quarterly or with each $100 profit unless otherwise specified by subsequent eBook websites. PUBLISHER shall render payment via PayPal. AUTHOR shall receive one watermarked copy of published manuscript in each form as specified in the contract. No further compensation shall be due.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: LadyBugPublishing@verizon.net

For submissions: LadyBugPublishing@verizon.net
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