12 June 2011

Women's Er0tica Writing Workshop at Het Fijnhout Theater (Netherlands)

Post date: 12 June 2011
Date: 11 June 2011

A Workshop to Unlock Your Passi0n…

Interested in writing a st3amy prelude to passi0n? Come and take this spicy 3-hour course taught by New York City director, Ann James of Urban Aphrodite International!

The class opens with some open conversation and historical context for several pieces of er0tica written by women from 700 BC to the present. We then explore our own s3nsuality by experiencing “blind” tastes, smells, sounds and textures and then put the words we evoke on paper.

After a body-awakening, light physical warm-up to music, we create a safe and encouraging environment for readings to happen by the women who want to share their discoveries. Afterward, a light snack with a sweet bite to finish off the day.

Course fee is 75 euro per person. (“women-only” workshop.) 11-14:00; June 11th at Het Fijnhout Theater, Lootsstraat 39, Amsterdam. Reserve a place here.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: info@urbanaphrodite.nl

Website: info@urbanaphrodite.nl
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