07 June 2011

Call for Submissions: The Voice (The Journal of the Battered Women’s Movement)

Post date: 07 June 2011
Deadline: 20 June 2011

NCADV is currently calling for submissions to The Voice and is open to a variety of topics including, but not limited to: elder abus3, power and control within shelter programs, child custody and domestic vi0lence, child witnessing, incarc3rated batt3red women, human trafficking, men’s role in ending vi0lence, domestic vi0lence within marginalized communities, teens and youth, mental health and domestic vi0lence and many other topics.

All articles should include strategies for social change, should be solution-based and should offer tangible suggestions and examples aimed at ending vi0lence.

The Voice serves to challenge stereotypes of vi0lence, the systems and prejudices that contribute to vi0lence, and presents distinctive, innovative, and tangible ways to end it. Please consider submitting your original, thought-provoking, innovative and challenging article. The Voice is movement-driven; therefore, we print original articles from a variety of sources. Articles are screened for their uniqueness, poignancy and perspective. Grassroots advocates, survivors and individuals from traditionally marginalized groups are encouraged to submit articles. Articles can be position papers, research, political or philosophical analyses, essays, discussion papers or critical analyses. Case studies, personal narratives, poetry and short works of fiction may also be submitted for consideration.

Anonymous submissions are welcome.

Submission Guidelines: Please fill out the information above. NCADV asks that you limit articles to 10, typed, double-spaced 8 ½ x 11” pages. Submissions must be sent electronically.* If you are citing sources in your publication, please use footnotes and citations according to APA citation style guidelines. Authors must fill out and return this form with their submission. Please also include a BRIEF bio of yourself (limit 250 words)!! Please DO NOT send resumes or CVs!! If you wish to remain anonymous, please specify this in your submission.

NCADV reserves the right to edit all articles and bios for grammar, length, readability and content (unless otherwise requested). Articles will not be returned to the authors. Submission to The Voice does not guarantee inclusion. Printing of information does not necessarily mean that NCADV aligns itself or supports the opinions purported in submitted articles and takes no responsibility for the comments of the writers. Submissions promoting books, theater productions or other works for profit will not be accepted.

Please submit your article, processed using Microsoft Word (please do not send PDF documents), to Gretchen Shaw, Voice Editor (gshaw@ncadv.org).

*Faxed or hard copies of articles will only be accepted from incarcerated women
or on a case-by-case basis if permission is sought (incarcerated women do not have to ask permission). Otherwise, please submit an electronic copy of your piece.

Download submission form >>

Contact Information:

For inquiries: call 303-839-1852 x107 or email gshaw@ncadv.org

For submissions: gshaw@ncadv.org

Website: http://www.ncadv.org/
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