22 May 2011

Wink Digital Fashion Magazine is Hiring Writers (rate: $25 per article)

Post date: 22 May 2011
WINK MAGAZINE, a finalist in the 2010 DMA's, is now looking for writers, contributors, bloggers, and more. Pay is $25 per submission accepted. Please read below and email your resume to us.

o Attend Team Wink Meetings 2x per month on Friday evenings at 7pm

o Complete your required article submissions and turn them in by or before deadlines.

o Attend functions in the community when asked, to cover events and get interviews.

o Request a photographer from Wink to accompany you to large interviews or events.

o Carry an audio recording device, a video recording device, and a digital camera to every event/interview you cover. Some high quality smart phones with high pixel resolution can serve all three functions just fine. You must have a record of any quotes or controversial topics you cover.

o Have a minimum of 400 words per article.

o Create your own catchy titles for each article.

o Highlight featured quotes and lines from your article for the layout.

o Provide a separate bibliography/fact sheet/credit sheet for each article.

o Include stock images to compliment your article or review.

o Notify WINK if you are unable to attend an event that WINK requested you cover with enough time for WINK to find a replacement for you.

o Keep your eyes and ears open for events and important people to cover in WINK.

o Ask for permission to cover an event or topic before actually doing it. You may think an event is worth covering and WINK may not. We don't want you to waste time writing an article that we may reject.

o Send a separate email for each submission. DO NOT send more than one submission in a single email.

o Pass out your Wink Business cards wherever you go! Tell people about WINK! You never know which people you encounter may lead you to your next story!

o Current rates are: $25 per article written, submitted by deadline, and accepted for use in Wink Magazine.

o You are required to attend functions hosted by or sponsored by WINK Magazine. As a part of TEAM WINK you are expected to participate in WINK events to mingle, allow the public to get to know the faces behind the publication and show your support for any efforts made by WINK. Please check the WINK calendar regularly for WINK EVENTS and make plans to attend by marking your calendars.

o If you are selected to write monthly for the website, the same rules apply.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: winkcolumbia@gmail.com

For submissions: jobs@winkcolumbia.com or winkcolumbia@gmail.com

Website: http://winkcolumbia.webs.com
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.