03 May 2011

Send Your Manuscripts: Night Wold Press Sizzlin' Cover Contest

Post date: 03 May 2011

In addition to the regular submissions we're looking for this year (listed below with deadlines), we have a contest with the kind of publishing package you just don't find with independent publishers these days. If you provide us the winning story in our NWP Sizzlin' Cover Contest, we'll provide you some marketing and promotional help beyond the typical "go get a bookmark template" plan. Here's our grand prize:

1. NWP publishes your novel with the cover highlighted in the contest in both print and electronic formats simultaneously--no waiting around six or twelve months for the print version

2. NWP provides you a compelling book trailer at no cost to you and posts it on the Night Wolf Designs YouTube channel as well as other venues

3. NWP provides you a review from Pacific Book Reviews at no cost to you, which their reviewer posts on your book's page at Amazon.com as well as other venues

4. NWP provides you a handful (exact # still being figured out) of interviews on reader-visited blogs where you get to talk about your new release immediately after its release--that's marketing authors pay big bucks for during online books tours

We know authors are responsible for their own marketing and promotion these days, but why not get a little help from the publisher when your publisher knows the business? Enter the NWP Sizzlin' Cover Contest, win big, and get that kind of help right off the bat. We're willing to invest in you if you've got a novel worth the investment.

Here are the contest guidelines. Follow them to the letter.

How many times have you picked up a book because the cover was great? Then you got about five or six chapters into the book and wondered why on earth that cover was on that book? It's a sad fact that many big publishing houses assign artists to create those book-selling images without considering the nuances of the story inside.

YOU'RE gonna change that.

Take a gander at the tumultuous scene below and let your imagination go wild. We want you to write the excellent story that "belongs" to this cover.

The Rules: No erotica. No child-endangerment. Send your 50,000- to 100,000-word completed, double-spaced, Times New Roman-typed, MS as a Word document to nightwolfpublications@gmail.com with a cover e-mail. The e-mail needs to have a subject line of: NWP Sizzlin Cover Contest YourName. Include your name and all contact information on the title page of your MS. Your deadline is Saturday, July 1, right after the solar eclipse on Canada Day. Any genre is accepted. Make sure you proofread and edit your work before submitting. Make it clean; choose good words; use excellent grammar; make it something you're proud of. At NWP, the story matters!

Contact Information:

For inquiries: nightwolfpublications@gmail.com

For submissions: nightwolfpublications@gmail.com

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