17 May 2011

Open Submission Call - Dark Haven: Behind The Gates Series (Knight Romance Publishing)

Post date: 17 May 2011
kNight Romance Publishing is holding an open call for romance authors to write in two new lines of er0tic romance: SASSY! and Dark Haven: Behind The Gates Series. Review the guidelines below. For more information please email them at knightromancepublishng@email.com.

Haven: Behind The Gates Series

Attention Er0tic Romance Authors! kNight Romance Publishing is holding an open submission call for a new Er0tic Series called Dark Haven: Behind The Gates.

Dark Haven is a not so quiet gated community, located in remote area of Southern Georgia where the most unlike of individuals live. The community consists of vampires, who live on one side of the gated community, and shapeshifters who live on the opposite side.

The two main places for comforts in Dark Haven are Barney's Bar & Grill. Barney Marshall is the owner, and he's grumpy as a bear. Well, everyone knows Barney is a bear shapeshifter and he doesn't take anyone's crap. He is married to Rose, whose also a bear shapeshifter and their daughter Emily whose 16. The small grocery store is owned by old Ms. Peggy Peabody. (No one knows excatly what Ms. Peggy is, but she keeps an account of everyone's business in Dark Haven.)

Dark Haven Submission Access Code (Guidelines)

Story Length: 10 - 15K words

Genre: Suburban Er0tic Romance

Content: Stories must revolve around individuals living behind Dark Haven gated community. Remember-vampires on one side and shifters on the opposite side. There's a reason...no one knows. Stores must contain er0tic elements. M3nage', m/m, f/f, and f/m are acceptable.

Characters should be involved in the community in some way. You are creating your own world within a world. Your home you create is your dream home for your characters, the skies are the limits.

Keep the stories s3xy, h0t, st3amy and have a good conflict. You never know who might be peeking through your window.

Vampires- Traditionally vampires don't like the sun and can burn up. Let's keep to the old traditions. The vamps are pretty much late night creatures, and the weres are the daytime souls. However, you never know what might happen on a full moon!

As the series grows, the publisher will maintain records of the characters and situations that occur within the stores so that authors wishing to contribute may ensure their stories 'fit' within the growing community.

Send the story and a complete synopsis to knightromancepublishing@email.com.

Please put Dark Haven in the title line of your email.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: knightromancepublishing@email.com

For submissions: knightromancepublishing@email.com

Website: http://www.knightromancepublishing.com/
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