06 May 2011

Medical Expert/ Writer Wanted at PregnancyHut.com (rate: $40-$70 per article)

Post date: 06 May 2011
We're looking for a medical expert who can write for our pregnancy websites. These include pregnancy-period.com, pregnancyhut.com, and pregnancyweeks.us. Some articles will be original whereas other articles we be rewrites.

Articles will be 800-1200 words in length. Being able to provide original pictures (or licensed/public domain) are a huge plus.

Pay is $40-$70 an article depending on length, pictures, expertise.

Important: writers must have completed at least three years of medical school or be a physician's assistant or better.

If you have completed at least three years of medical school or are a physicians assistant, please contact mcohen@wmmediacorp.com. Please provide any written work you have done as well as describe your medical experience.

Via: jobs.problogger.net

Contact Information:

For inquiries: mcohen@wmmediacorp.com

For submissions: mcohen@wmmediacorp.com

Website: pregnancy-period.com, pregnancyhut.com, and pregnancyweeks.us
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