18 May 2011

LastSupperWaitress Seeks Non-Fiction Submissions for Cookbook Anthology

Post date: 18 May 2011
Deadline: 15 September 2011

LastSupperWaitress is seeking global, original, contemporary non-fiction story submissions for an upcoming cookbook anthology chronicling your most unforgettable last meals.

LastSupperWaitress is soliciting both conventional and unconventional recollections of climatic meals that heralded or underscored a critical turning point, a new beginning, a milestone or a personal ending in your life. We are looking for stories about that singular meal served which, like losing your virginity, winning the lottery, or moving into a retirement community, You were never again the same person afterwards.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic rendering of The Last Supper, which Aldous Huxley once declared as the “saddest work of art in the world” ingrained the ceremonious magnitude of the last meal into the public consciousness and guaranteed world culture’s fascination with this ageless custom for the past six centuries. Today, Pop Culture continues to define the last meal with a frantic recording of last meals eaten by death row inmates and retelling untimely death anecdotes of washed- up celebrities.

For the record, Mama Cass did not choke on a ham sandwich.

Although LastSupperWaitress welcomes each and every one of your stories, we stress that the theme of this cookbook is a celebration of you, your moment, and your moment of truth meals. We do hope that your present-day perspective on the event itself is positive.

That said, LastSupperWaitress invites your most beloved, unbelievable and unprecedented of meal memories. Our cookbook will recount and recreate the most unpalatable blue plates you've ever had to swallow, such as the Baked Ham with Cranberry Sauce and Raisin Glaze simmering on the stove as the bailiff hammered the Power of Sale sign into your front lawn or the Baked Alaska that begun to run all over the living room carpet when you realized that WAS your husband on TV being arrested for armed robbery. LastSupperWaitress loves a fairy-tale ending and hopes to recollect the more palatable potlucks of that half-eaten Roasted Beet and Quinoa Salad you threw away just before you entered the Oncologist’s office and received your Cancer-free test results and the Tourtiere eaten in a Quebec bed and breakfast while you watched your lemon of a Chevette sink into the St. Lawrence.What we encourage most are meals that you’ve never forgotten, that marked and moved you forever-and will move us as well.

Story Guidelines:

All submissions must relate:
  • The occasion for the meal: dates, places, times, people, seasons-be as detailed as possible!
  • The actual meal itself: you can include recipes
Stories may be submitted any length, in English or with accompanying English translation, and be as creative as possible. A guide for word count is 500-1500 words.

In addition, please include your name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address along with a bio and photograph of yourself. Hard copy and e-mail submissions are accepted.

Hard Copy submissions can be mailed to LastSupperWaitress, 4000 Yonge Street Suite 832 Toronto Ontario M4N2N9.

No submission may be under consideration by another publisher, nor can it have been previously published.

The call for submissions will remain open until September 15, 2011, and ALL submissions will receive a reply.

Those whose stories are selected will be interviewed and featured in the cookbook, and receive a copy upon publication. We regret that we are unable to provide payment to contributors.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: dora@lastsupperwaitress.com

For submissions: dora@lastsupperwaitress.com
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