19 May 2011

Fashion Blogger/ Editor Wanted for AikoEditor.com

Post date: 19 May 2011
Aikoeditor.com is an extension of the clothing brand Aiko's many cultural endeavors.
Aiko Editor is an online magazine capturing a personal view of the world’s important cities. In each city Aiko is enlisting an "editor" to create weekly articles based around all things fashion, film, art, music, or venue related. You will be acting as a voice for the city on behalf of Aiko.

Each week you will submit 1 to 2 stories and some of the time you will have specific guidance as to what your story topic should be.each story should be somewhere between 200 to 250 words (no need to be too specific), a general paragraph.this story should include several images to chose from whether it be your own photographs and illustrations, or something off of the internet.

Aiko editor would like to offer a fun, creative and unique experience through your eyes
As an editor we would hope that you could reach out to the audiences in your city by linking through other bloggers and connecting with your friends and social circles.

Use blog references like:

- Sea of Shoes
- Style by Kling
- Jak and Jill
- Garance Dore
- Jalouse magazine (offical blog)
- Nowness
- Stockholm Streetstyle
- Purple Diary

The website also offers a place to post songs, videos, and live images. When your story has been selected you will receive monthly payments through PayPal.

Location: New York

Payment is $25 per approved posting

Contact Information:

For inquiries: jobs@iamaiko.com

For submissions: jobs@iamaiko.com

Website: http://www.iamaiko.com/ or http://aikoeditor.com/
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.