06 May 2011

Content Associate Wanted for New Women's Sport/ Fitness Website

Post date: 06 May 2011
New sport and fitness website searching for a Content Associate. This highly visible role will work closely with our content manager, technology team, editor and sales manager. The candidate will use her/his background and knowledge of women's-related sports and fitness to concept, research, and create unique and relevant information and articles/article ideas for the site. Can be part-time or full-time.

Should have:

• Meticulous attention to detail
• Strong research skills
• Organizational skills
• Continuous communication with team members and site members

Applicants should send cover letter, resume and/or CV to email below.

Via: craigslist.org

Contact Information:

For inquiries: job-fkqqb-2365610109@craigslist.org

For submissions: job-fkqqb-2365610109@craigslist.org
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