24 May 2011

Call for Submissions for Sexy Snax Line: Total-E-Bound Publishing

Post date: 24 May 2011
Total-E-Bound Publishing is a royalty paying, full-service ePublisher. This means that we do not charge fees for the author at any time. We pay a royalty rate of 40% of the RRP, based on our standard two year contract. Our contracts are for both electronic and print rights.

What we are currently looking for

S3xy Snax - Novellas

These are our branded novellas between 15,000 - 30,000 words. They may have a theme or they may be stand alone short stories depending on what we have running, but all will come under the banner of ‘S3xy Snax’, although each story will have its own cover. No series books will be considered for the S3xy Snax line. These novellas must meet our regular guidelines:

* 15,000-30,000 word count per story
* Any genre
* Very er0tic – the h0tter the better (burning/melting)

What we look for in submitted manuscripts.

* We look for creative storytelling and original style.
* We want you to weave tales of er0tic r0mance through creating strong, dynamic and intelligent characters that your readers will remember.
* Plot driven er0tic r0mances that illustrate the relationship between key characters, ideally with a happy ending, but if not it should be promising.
* We want varying degrees of s3x throughout the story, with lots of opportunity for er0tic exploration, interwoven with levels of tension and passi0n (take a look at our book rating info)
* We want meaningful and expressive language that is 3xplicit, but suitable for the storyline.
* We want writers who have a unique and new approach and a writing style that sets them apart from the rest. You must have a true talent for storytelling with an er0tic slant.
* We accept gay, lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual stories.

Publishing Rights

Your submission must have full rights available, including both digital and print. If not, please don’t send it to us.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: submissions@totalebound.com

For submissions: submissions@totalebound.com

Website: http://www.total-e-bound.com/
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