29 May 2011

Call for Manuscripts: Women's West Series (University Press of Colorado)

Post date: 29 May 2011
Books in the Women's West series are devoted to the study of women in the trans Mississippi region. The series is intended to broaden interest and understanding of the American West by depicting the largely overlooked contributions of women from all cultures, perspectives, and experiences. The time period of the series is open-ended, since the West is a region, not a time. The twentieth century, for example, is widely disregarded in literature about the West, and much also remains to be written about the period before the Civil War. Quality writing is a criterion. Manuscripts must be written in an informative and interesting manner, and they must additionally be based on high quality, scholarly research.

Submissions should be addressed for the series and directed to:

Darrin Pratt, Acquiring Editor & Director
University Press of Colorado
5589 Arapahoe Ave. # 206C
Boulder, CO 80303

Sybil Downing and Margaret Coel, General Editors

All proposals for the Women's West Series should follow the press submission guidelines, and submission will be evaluated by the press acquisitions staff, the series editors, as well as outside experts.

The Women's West Guidelines (non-fiction only)

The University Press of Colorado is not currently accepting proposals in fiction or poetry. Please browse our web site to get a better sense of how your project might fit within our established publication lists.

A book prospectus should include the following:

* a clear and concise description of your book and its notable features
* a table of contents, including a brief precis for each chapter
* an estimated word count of the project
* an estimate of the number of illustrations, tables, appendices, etc.
* an analysis of the expected audience for the book
* a round-up of competing books (if any exist), and a brief explanation of the uniqueness of the proposed book
* an appropriate date when the manuscript would be completed
* a current resume or curriculum vitae

We do our best to respond to submissions within six months of receipt. Due to our small staff size and the large number of submissions that we receive, our review time may take longer. Please be patient while we give your proposal or manuscript our full consideration. We cannot respond to letters, phone calls, or emails requesting information on the status of a submission.

Occasionally, the University Press of Colorado issues a book contract on the basis of the prospectus, but more generally the practice is to write a contract based on the finished manuscript. Once submitted, manuscripts are reviewed by the press editor or by an appropriate series editor. Manuscripts recommended by the press editor or series editor are then considered for publication. The press requires two professional evaluations of manuscripts and the approval of our editorial board prior to moving forward with publication.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: jessica@upcolorado.com

For submissions: Darrin Pratt, Acquiring Editor & Director, University Press of Colorado, 5589 Arapahoe Ave. # 206C, Boulder, CO 80303

Website: http://www.upcolorado.com
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