09 April 2011

Paying Market: Never Alone Devotional Book for Mothers

Post date: 09 April 2011
Deadline: 1 June 2011

Never Alone is a devotional for mothers underscoring God’s promise of His presence in her life – all the time. Scheduled for publication by Revell for a Summer release in 2012, Never Alone will be a companion to the 2012 theme book for Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) International.

You are invited to audition devotionals for this special book by sharing your own moments and memories of how God’s presence—or your yearning for it—impacted or is impacting your days of parenting preschoolers. As we know, motherhood can be an isolating exercise. But God is there in the loneliness and most clueless moments, as well as those joyful instances we want to freeze for all eternity. Please consider sharing a part of your faith journey with today’s 100,000 MOPS moms and others who can be encouraged by your experiences. Feel free to share this call for submissions with others who might have a heart for this project and a compelling story to impart.

Categories for submissions are:
  • Dawn: God is with us… in the firsts.
  • Nourishment: God is with us… and provides.
  • Monkey Bars and Cardboard Cars: God is with us… in laughter and play.
  • Holding Hands: God is with us… in our marriages.
  • Time Out: God is with us…when we feel overwhelmed.
  • In the Dark: God is with us… and in control.
  • Matching Socks: God is with us… in the mundane.
  • Duty Calls: God is with us… in our sacrifice.
  • Girl Power: God is with us…in our friendships.
  • On The Move: God is with us… in our work.
Guidelines are as follows:

* Submissions should be approximately 600 words, and if possible include a scripture reference pertinent to what you are sharing. We reserve the right to use a different verse if necessary.
* Devotionals are essentially stories: vivid, conversational, focused pieces that inspire, not preach. We want to help moms reframe their view of motherhood to include God where they might not have. Your honest voice is very important, as is your ability to be clear and purposeful. And where warranted, humorous!
* Your name, address, email address, phone number and devotional category and word count should appear at the top of your submission.
* Email submissions to swallace@mops.org. Deadline is June 1.
* Writers will be paid $50 for each accepted submission. Writers may submit in several

More information here.
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