07 April 2011

Open to Romance Submissions: Pulse Publishing

Post date: 07 April 2011
We will begin publishing our first titles in July 2011. In the meantime, we are committed to becoming the home of the best and brightest voices in contemporary literature. If you are interested in submitting your work to us for potential publication, please abide by the guidelines outlined below.


We welcome submissions from published and unpublished authors. All manuscripts must be polished and proofread prior to submission. We are not accepting works represented by agents at this time.

We are currently seeking works in the following genres:

* Romance
* Urban Fiction
* Christian Fiction
* Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
* General Nonfiction


We are NOT currently seeking works in the following genres:

* Poetry
* Graphic Novels
* Children's Fiction


Prior to submitting your work to us, please forward an electronic query letter in accordance with the following guidelines:

Subject Line - Author, Title, Genre (e.g., Kate Friendly, Before The End Of Time, Romance)

Body - Cover letter including name and contact information, any publication credits, a statement of rights if you're submitting a previously published novel, and any other information you think is pertinent to your submission

Attachments: Short synopsis (1-2 pages), first three chapters of the manuscript

Please DO NOT send the entire manuscript; if your work is selected for further review, we will request the full manuscript.

Work must be typed and double-spaced in standard size 12 font. Times New Roman is preferred.

Please forward all correspondence to info@pulsepub.net.

More information here.
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