08 April 2011

Open to Romance Submissions: Eirelander Publishing

Post date: 08 April 2011
Eirelander Publishing

Submission Guidelines

Eirelander Publishing is looking for high quality manuscripts with intriguing characters, strong plot and unique story telling styles. The stronger the voice, the better. The more complex the plot, the more we're interested. Do you have exciting characters who leap off the page, we'd love to experience them.

We cater to all readers, we want to see the very best of your sweet romances, your psychic suspense, or your best fiction.

The following guidelines apply to all submissions:


We are accepting both fiction and non-fiction at this time. Young Adult fiction and non-fiction should be what is currently trending in the market.

Self-Published/Re-published Works

We are accepting self-published or re-published works by new authors. If accepted, be prepared to go through another edit before publication.
Submissions must include the entire manuscript

We require that all submissions include the entire manuscript as we do not contract on partials.

Age Restriction

All authors must be 18 years or older.

Story Lengths

Any story lengh above 5,000 words can be submitted. At Eirelander Publishing stories are divided by word length into the following categories, some of which will qualify for print publishing, based on sales.

Category/ Word Count Ranges/ Print Publishing (based on sales)
  • Super Short/ 5,000 to 9,999 words/ Does not qualify for print publishing
  • Short/ 10,000 to 14,999 words/ Does not qualify for print publishing
  • Novella/ 15,000 to 29,999 words/ Some stories will qualify print publishing
  • Novelette/ 30,000 to 49,999 words
  • Midi-Novel/ 50,000 to 69,999 words
  • Novel/ 70,000 to 99,999 words
  • Saga/ 100,000 words and up
Manuscript Formatting

All submitted manuscripts must have the following formatting:
  • Document Type Rich Text Formatting (RTF)
  • Margins 1 inch all around
  • Line spacing 1 1/2
  • Font Book Antiqua or Times New Roman 12pt
  • Paragraph indent 0.5 inches
Please note that the above guidelines are in place to aid us in reviewing your submission as soon as possible. Submissions made without following the guidelines will be deleted.

How to submit to Eirelander Publishing.

After you have edited your manuscript to within an inch of its life and you have ensured it meets the submission guidelines outlined above, email your submission to submissions@eirelanderpublishing.com.

In your email, please ensure that

* The email subject has the title of your story, its genre and your full name.
* In the body of the email include a short letter with a paragraph about yourself and your publishing history, if any. Tell us if your manuscript is a single title or series and if it is being considered by another publisher.
* Together with your manuscript include an introductory page with the following information: your name; pen name (if applicable); email; website address (if applicable); mailing address; phone; the title, genre/heat level and approximate word count of your manuscript; and a synopsis of your story.

More information here.
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