23 April 2011

Market for Paranormal Romance Stories: Blood and Lullabies

Post date: 23 April 2011
Blood and Lullabies’ current publication schedule is seasonal.

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Submissions

The Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance section is edited by Mireyah Wolfe. General submission guidelines apply. The following are guidelines specific to this section.

-Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance should have some kind of mythological/supernatural element of some sort. Otherwise, you’ve picked the wrong editor.

-This Editor prefers the darker side of Urban Fantasy, but gore or excessive violence for the sake of shock value will not be appreciated or considered for publication. This does not mean that violence and explicit scenes are not allowed–but it must be important to the story.

-ParaRom may have erotica elements, but please remember: we are not a porn publication. When in doubt, email the editor for clarification on the difference between Erotica and Porn. Because trust this editor: There IS a difference.

-Stories featuring Vampires or Werecreatures should be kept to a minimum. If you really want to submit a story with those creatures, then go for it–but please, please, please no sparkling. Try to make it original OR keep to the old legends.

-Romance stories featuring underage characters are NOT acceptable. We do not, as of now, accept YA stories. This may change later on, and when we do will let you know. Do not submit YA stories as long as we do not accept them.

Mireyah is currently searching for stories featuring Steampunk, creatures from older legends of less than popular myths, and multiple partner romances. There is a special place of love in her heart for Angel and Demon stories (particularly the ones that show a goodness in the Demons and a darkness in the Angels.). She’s just contrary that way.

All Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance submissions should be sent to mireyahwolfe at yahoo dot com – PLEASE subject your email with “SUBMISSION: *genre*, TITLE, AUTHOR”.


At Blood and Lullabies, we are seeking to publish creative works that showcase a wide range of talent within the genres of horror, fantasy and paranormal romance. We are looking for short stories that are emotionally evocative, that challenge preconceived notions about humanity, the supernatural and the universe – stories designed to put imaginations into overdrive, to force the reader to think and feel.

It is expected that writers will edit and proofread their own work before submitting. The editors do not have time to fix spelling and grammatical errors, and remember: first impressions are everything. We want to be impressed.

Please review the specific submission guidelines for horror, paranormal romance and urban fantasy and high fantasy before submitting, as each editor has particular requests. All submissions must be sent as .doc attachments to the email as stated on the genre submission pages, with “Submission: [TITLE] by [NAME]” as the subject line. At this point in time, we are a 100% free zine and therefore do not pay the writers we publish; however, this may change in future.

All work must be original. We do not accept fan fiction. The word limit on all submissions is 2000 words with a leeway of 10%.

Copyright: Authors retain full copyright of any submitted work. Authors are free to submit to multiple companies while awaiting a response from Urban Goddess Publishing. Upon acceptance of a first work, Urban Goddess Publishing asks to have First North American Serial Rights* to said work.

Please note that previously published work will not be considered. This includes work published on blogs.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: bloodandlullabies AT gmail DOT com

For submissions: mireyahwolfe AT yahoo DOT com

Website: http://bloodandlullabies.wordpress.com
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