19 April 2011

Deadline Extended - Call for Submissions: "Transgendered" Issue of MP Online Feminist Journal

Post date: 19 April 2011
Deadline: 31 August 2011 (from 21 April 2011)

Can there be a multi-gendered feminism? MP journal seeks submissions that explore the many facets of transgendered feminism. How do transgendered people experience, embrace, reject, or practice feminism? What is the role of feminism within queer studies? What is the role of feminism for those who occupy the interstice between male and female? Is gender performance feminist? MP Journal welcomes academic papers, book reviews, and other well-written inquiries on the subject of transgendered feminisms. Internationals submissions are encouraged. Submissions may be in any accepted academic format such as MLA, APA, Legal Bluebook, Chicago Style but must be consistent throughout and thoroughly and carefully edited. Please send the submission, a 50 word bio, and a CV before midnight August 31, 2011.

Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions from all types of writers. In order to be considered, all submissions should:

* be scholarly/academic in nature;
* use a standard citation format such as MLA, Chicago, APA, or Harvard Bluebook;
* be sent as an attachment (*.doc, *.txt, *.rtf — no *.pdf, please!);
* include a CV or writing resume and a 50 word bio;
* abide by the copyright and image use information listed below.

Please download and review our style guide for additional instructions.

Send submission to: llhinkle(at)academinist.org

Copyright Information

In order to assure the widest possible audience for the work published in MP, that work is added, by contractual agreement, to one or more EBSCO Publishing databases. The users of those databases have access and limited copying privileges with respect to work appearing in MP. Your submission indicates that this arrangement is acceptable to you and that upon acceptance you agree to license your work to MP Journal and to its sub-licensor, EBSCO Publishing. You further confirm that the work has not been published prior to its appearance in MP. In addition, you confirm it is original work that abides by all copyright rules and regulations. You understand that, upon publication, all rights to this work will revert to you, the author. However, you also understand that MP reserves the right to publish this work (in part or in its entirety) in electronic form on its website and/or on electronic information databases published by others.

Download style guide >>

Contact Information:

For inquiries: llhinkle(at)academinist.org

For submissions: llhinkle(at)academinist.org

Website: http://academinist.org/
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