16 April 2011

Call for Manuscripts - New Book Series: Contributions to Transnational Feminism

Post date: 16 April 2011
Call for Manuscripts

New Book Series: Contributions to Transnational Feminism

General Editors: Erin Kenny (Drury University, U.S.A.) and Silvia Schultermandl (University of Graz, Austria)

LIT Verlag (Berlin, M√ľnster, Vienna, London) is accepting book-length manuscripts and proposals from scholars in gender studies, postcolonial theory, feminist anthropology, cultural geography, literary theory, critical theory, and other interdisciplinary fields, and especially seeks projects that offer new theoretical insights and/or grounded empirical research that contribute to the emerging field of transnational feminism.

This new book series (peer-reviewed) is envisioned as a medium to create an international forum for innovative discussions of gender in a transnational context. Emphasis on gender dynamics within transnational contexts enables this book series to investigate and engage various aspects of power and privilege at play in the interaction of peoples, ideas, and commodities in a global economy. We consciously adopt the term “transnational” instead of “global” because we are convinced that the steady mass-movement of people and cultures contributes to a world in which borders and boundaries of nation, culture, race, and gender need to be conceptualized and theorized anew. Unlike global feminism, which was characterized by its tendency to centralize Western concepts of gender and essentialize all other concepts of gender, transnational feminism offers a more nuanced set of parameters, diction and framework for a contemporary discussion of the dynamics at play at experiences of migration across times and places. In the past, “global feminism” has often been confused with a Western feminist theory laid out onto an international context. This series refutes such practices and recognizes the importance of analyzing the specific locations that contribute to the social construction of people’s lived worlds, as well the global inequalities that emerge from a world order based on binary oppositions and neo-liberal notions of economy.

We invite book-length discussions on a variety of aspects in transnational feminism which embrace an academic or academic/personal perspective. We especially invite innovative perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches from fields such as Women's Studies, Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Literary Theory, and Critical Theory.

There is a great range of analytical scope that individual contributions to this book series may display.

Topics may include (but are not limited to) the following themes:

- the impact of nationalism on gender roles
- travel across borders / across a life time
- interrelatedness between privilege and (dis)placement
- disconnect between origin and ethnic consciousness
- identity mappings across borders
- transnationality and the global social movements
- poststructuralist/postmodern notions of feminism
- home and domesticity in transnational contexts
- experimental and (auto)ethnographic treatments of gender
- virtual and internal border crossings

Submission Requirements

Submissions should include:

• a 3-5 page overall description of the intent and scope of the project and an evaluation of its projected merits compared to existing texts (eg. How is this work new, valuable, or unique to the field? Are there comparable books?)
• a brief synopsis of each chapter, or possibly a draft of chapters completed
• a recent vita; if this is a multi-authored collection, include a brief biographical sketch of each contributor
• a probable time line for completion
• an estimation of the book’s total length (allow 400 words per published page)
• and a discussion of logistical issues (eg. copyright permissions, photographs, illustrations, etc.)

Silvia Schultermandl
Department of American Studies
University of Gra, Attemsgasse 25/II
8010 Graz, AUSTRIA

Contact Information:

For inquiries: silvia.schultermandl@uni-graz.at

For submissions: silvia.schultermandl@uni-graz.at

Website: http://www.uni-graz.at/silvia.schultermandl/html/book_series.html
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