02 February 2011

LT3 Press is Seeking Serial Fairy Tale Submissions

Post date: 02 February 2011
Serial Fairy Tale Submissions

LT3 is always looking for new fairy tales for our Fairy Tales Serial, our longest running serial and one of our most popular.

* Fairy Talessubmissions should be at least 10,000 words. Anything less is too short to run as a serial, as we post them in 5,000 word sections. They should not exceed approx 50,000 words in length, as we do not like a single fairy tale to run for too long (however, if you have a longer fairy tale and feel it is a good fit for LT3, feel free to submit it as a general submission).
* Creativity is important. The point of rewriting a fairy tales is to put a new spin on it, get readers to see it in a new light. Simply exchanging the gender of a character and telling the same tale is insufficient.
* Fairy tale submissions should be complete. While we are willing to consider incomplete fairy tales, we strongly prefer completed stories as they do not run as long as full length serials, so we need the new ones ready and waiting.

About Submitting to LT3 Press

To submit a story to Less Than Three Press, send an email to submissions@lessthanthreepress.com. Include the following in your email:

* Put SUBMISSIONS in the subject line! Emails without this subject line or sent to another email address (for example, the administrator email address) run the risk of not being seen or read, so please, do not forget this!
* Your contact name and preferred email address.
* The approximate total length of the completed story.
* Whether or not your story is complete.
* If your story is not complete, how much longer it will take to complete the story.
* A brief summary of the story, not to exceed approximately 200 words in length.
* Attach the first three chapters or the first 15,000 words of the story in .doc or .docx format.

Please note the following:

* Stories should be a minimum of 10,000 words and should not exceed 200,000 words. At present, we are looking primarily for stories in the 35,000—60,000 range, but we will not discount longer works out of hand. Stories that are 10,000—35,000 will be considered for publishing as ebooks only.
* Your manuscript does not need to be complete at the time of submission to be considered, but if accepted, the story will not be published until Less Than Three Press has a completed manuscript.
* Please do not send queries, outlines, or proposals for stories that you have not yet written.
* Less Than Three Press will not consider anonymous writings or manuscripts currently under submission to another publisher.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to editor@lessthanthreepress.com.

If Your Story is Accepted

You must additionally complete the following requirements:

* Editing. Your completed manuscript should include editing and revisions. Editing includes grammatical and contextual corrections.

* Chapters. Your completed manuscript needs to be broken down into sections ranging from 5,000—6,500 words (10-15 pages). However, if the story absolutely requires something else, Less Than Three Press is willing to work with the author to determine the proper way to proceed.


General Serial Fiction

* Subscription time
* 10% of gross earnings from subscription sales while in serial

General Ebook

* 30% of cover price for all sales through LT3′s Ebook Market
* 35% of gross earnings for sales through 3rd party distributors
* Author copies

General Print

* 10% of cover price for all sales of print books
* Author copies

Anthology Fiction

* Subscription time
* One-time payment of $75 – $100 (varies according to anthology)
* Author copies of ebook and print

Fairy Tales Serial Fiction

* Subscription time
* 5% of gross earnings from subscription sales while the fairy tale is in serial
* One-time payment of $100
* Author copies of ebook and print anthologies in which they are compiled

More information here.
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