05 January 2011

Free: 2011 Romance Writers' Workshop from Liquid Silver Books

Post date: 05 January 2011
Dates: 29 January - 25 June 2011

A new year has arrived and once again we at Liquid Silver Books and its parent company, Atlantic Bridge Publishing, are presenting a series of FREE workshops to interested authors and author-wannabes. The only requirement to participate is that you be a member of the Forum so that you can post. That's it! Easy!

The workshops will stress basic skills in writing romance, however, many of these skills can easily carryover into other genres of writing. So, feel free to join in even if you are writing mystery or science fiction or even mainstream fiction.

All of the classes will be a combination of lecture and hands-on work with feedback from the instructor and fellow classmates. Even experienced authors need feedback and this is a safe environment to get the objective criticism you might need on your work.

We will again use the Private Workshop area for assignments which generate material an author might be concerned about sharing with the general public.

... if you have been waiting to start a new novel, this is where you could make a fine start on one.
... if you have a novel which is gathering cyber-dust, you might want to dig it out and troubleshoot it with the first six classes.
... and finally, even if you are in the midst of what you think is a best-seller, you could use these classes to make it even better.

Most of all, we wish for you to have a good time while learning skills to make you a better writer.

Sign-up for classes will be announced in the 2011 Romance Writers' Workshops general information topic. If you have questions about the schedule, you can e-mail me at rachel@liquidsilverbooks.com.


January 29-30, 2011: Plot Structure. A two day-class concentrating on plotting a complete novel using the three-act structure and plot points. Good for the pantser and the plotter. A combination of lecture and plotting assignments. Instructor: Monette Michaels Now open for sign-up.

February 26-27, 2011: Characterization. A two-day class concentrating on creating memorable main and secondary characters. Mostly lecture with some assignments to aid you in creating characters. Instructor: Monette Michaels

March 26, 2011: Dialogue. One day class on the dos and don'ts of dialogue and how dialogue is more than just conversation in the grand scheme of your novel. Lecture and dialogue writing assignments. Instructor: Monette Michaels

April 30, 2011: Point of View. A common issue found in many manuscripts to Liquid Silver -- so common, the editors begged we bring this class back! This one-day class will cover what POV is, why you should care and how to avoid the pitfalls. Instructor: Tina Burns, author and Publisher for Liquid Silver Books

May 28, 2011: Sagging Middles/Hitting the Wall. The one-day class will concentrate on getting you past the middle of the book woes. Lecture and feedback from the instructor on your particular problems progressing forward with your novel. Instructor: Monette Michaels

June 25, 2011: Self-Editing/Writing Tight. This one-day class will lay out what you as an author need to do to whip your manuscript into a submission-ready novel. The lectures will cover basic self-editing techniques and incorporate some writing tight concepts all authors should learn and utilize while they are writing. Self-editing does not have to wait until the book is finished! Instructor: Monette Michaels

July and August, 2001 -- Summer Break!

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