15 January 2011

Call for Submissions: Two Mostly for Mothers Anthologies - Birth Story and Miscarriage

Post date: 15 January 2011
Deadline: 26 February 2011


This book will be published under our imprint, Mostly for Mothers, please go to www.mostlyformothers.com/birthstory.html for more information.

Please include the following information in your email.

Name, address, phone number, title of work, word count, and short bio about yourself. Email this all to us with your story as an attachment.

Birth Story (title to be chosen at a later stage) will include a collection of stories about birth from BOTH male and female perspectives. How this will be designed to suit males and females is yet to be decided, but contributions are needed from both. It will include poetry, short stories and some essays/articles. Illustrators looking to publish work are particularly encouraged to send in their submissions for review. Original illustrations can be returned on request after publication if accepted.

Submissions should reflect a positive attitude and be encouraging for new parents to be. Submissions can be in any of the below formats:

  • Short stories: Stories to be no longer than 5000 words.
  • Poems: No length limit depending on what is chosen.
  • Anecdotes: can be comical and of any size up to 500 words.
  • Comics: Short strips accepted to be used between stories and poems.
  • Pictures: Original photos or drawings. Both colour and black and white will be accepted for consideration, but colour pages will be limited.

Submission deadline - none currently. We are looking for the best stories and will see keep this open until we have received what we are looking for.

Details below:

There is no cost to send in submissions, as this is not a competition. All contributors included in the work will receive a free copy of the book. Some payment will be made for all contributions based on a shared royalties between authors and illustrators. Publications will only occur after signed contracts from both the artists involved and the publisher.

Authors retain copyright of their own work but must give exclusive permission for Wombat Books to use their work in the book and on the website for 12 months and then non-exclusive rights for a further time.

We also suggest you purchase a copy of Unborn Beauty to see what sort of work is included in our publications. In this way you are also supporting other Australian authors like yourself who have contributed. Purchase online or find out more...

Wombat Books is an independent publishing house seeking to publish work by Australians that acknowledges the wonder of all life, animals, plants and human. For more information about Wombat Books go to www.wombatbooks.com.au

Email submissions: wombat@wombatbooks.com.au put the word “Birth Story” and your name in the subject header.

Post submissions: P. O. Box 1519 Capalaba B. C. Qld 4157


This book will be a collection of real-life stories about the experience of miscarriage. The loss of a pregnancy can come as a terrible shock, both emotionally and physically. And because miscarriage occurs during a time when the pregnancy is usually kept secret, women often experience a sense of isolation during their grieving.

This book will allow women to share their experiences with others. It will let those readers who have also experienced a miscarriage know they are not alone, and will offer general readers a better understanding of what it means to lose a baby.

The anthology will be edited by Irma Gold who is an award-winning fiction writer, author of two children’s books and editor of a number of anthologies, including the forthcoming anthology of 100 years of Canberra writing to be published by Halstead Press for Canberra’s Centenary.

Submission guidelines

Submissions for this anthology are now open. The call for submissions will close on 26 February 2011.

Stories may focus on any aspect of the miscarriage experience but we are looking for writing of the highest standard that possesses literary merit. It should be vivid, engaging, compelling and beautifully written.

Stories should be between 500 and 3000 words.

All submissions should be clearly marked ‘miscarriage anthology submission’. Include your name, address, email address, phone number and a short bio.

Email submissions are preferred but hard copy submissions will also be accepted. Mail hard copies to Mostly for Mothers postal address along with a SSAE.

More information here.
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