05 January 2011

Call for Submissions from Female Law Enforcement Officers - Women Warriors: Stories From the Thin Blue Line (TotalRecall Publications)

Post date: 05 January 2011
I'm looking for female law enforcement officers who would like to see their story published in a new book.

I’m a former Chicago Police Officer and retired FBI agent. I’m writing a book based upon the true experiences of female law enforcement officers. It will be in the form of an anthology, a collection of short stories, written by the women who have lived them. The working title for this creative non-fiction book is Women Warriors, Stories from the Thin Blue Line. Publication date will be Fall 2011; publisher is TotalRecall Publications. I have had three novels published with TotalRecall, the latest will be released Spring 2011. I’ve written more than 100 articles on survival and training that have been published online with Officer.com, LawOfficer.com, and other print magazines.


· Great war stories

· Humorous stories

· Strange or oddball stories

· Sad or tragic life-or-death stories

· Terrifying stories

· Stories filled with human emotion


* Any female LEO at the federal, state, county, or municipal level, including correctional officers.
* Any female dispatcher, chaplain, or prosecutor.


Electronically, in MS Word, via email, to: John M. Wills, email: jmwills@hotmail.com


Length of stories should be no more than 4000 words, 1500 - 3000 is ideal (include word count in your submission). Also include your name in the header of the document, and a three to four sentence thumbnail bio at the end of your story. Stories should be written in the first person point of view, unless it’s about or from the perspective of another.


You will see your name and story in print, receive a free copy of the book, and have the opportunity to purchase additional copies at only $8.00 each.


If you think you’d like to participate and see your story in print, contact me, John Wills, via email: jmwills@hotmail.com. I will email a sheet of simple directions and writing aids to guide you through the process.

More information here.
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