21 January 2011

Call for Proposals: Lesbian-Feminist Issues and Religion

Post date: 21 January 2011
Deadline: 1 March 2011

Call for Proposals

This Group invites papers and complete panels that treat theoretical, methodological, and/or practical dimensions of the following themes:

* On the history of, problematic within, or reclaiming of the concept of “woman-identified woman”

* Borderlands — theorizing Lesbian feminism in and/or as borderlands in relation to Gloria Anzaldua’s work on borderlands

* Queer eclipses — has “queer” eclipsed the relevance of gendered sexual identities (i.e., lesbian and gay)? Of feminism? How is the category of “queer” itself subject to eclipse?

* Lesbian feminist theorizing of terrorism and responses to terrorism

* Ethics, grammar, discourses, models, and/or experiences of lesbian-feminist sexualities in non-Christian religion

* Engagements with queering disabilities studies (for a possible cosponsored session with the Religion and Disability Studies Group)


For over fifteen years, this Group has been exploring the multiple dimensions of lesbian interaction with religion. The development and/or confrontation of lesbian/feminist mythologies and histories in diverse religious and spiritual movements are theorized and debated, as are the identity and visibility of women’s sexuality in religious and other cultural arenas. Contemporary concerns, including the interplay of religious and political rhetoric in determining the social inclusion or marginalization of lesbians and all queers, are also addressed in our sessions. Issues pertaining to social categories of race, class, and gender are central to our analyses. In these ways, we serve as a critical forum for expanding debate on how religious and lesbian categories conceptualize and influence one another. We maintain a listserv for discussion among all interested members; to join please send an e-mail to elizabeth.say@csun.edu.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to Chairs and Steering Committee Members until after final acceptance or rejection.


Marie Cartier
Claremont Graduate University

Yvonne Zimmerman
Methodist Theological School, Ohio

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