11 January 2011

Call for Muslim and Arab Women Writers: Peace X Peace - Raising Women's Voices

Post date: 11 January 2011
Connection Point is a unique initiative with the goal to facilitate cross-cultural understanding between Muslim, Arab and Western women.

Peace X Peace is seeking articles from Muslim and Arab women sharing their views, inspirations, and stories from daily life. We invite you to contribute an account of what life is like from your perspective.

This is your chance to help reduce misunderstanding between Muslim, Arab and Western communities, and to strengthen the growing movement of people working for peace.

The basics for writing an article:

• Aim for a length of 600 words. 900 words is the upper limit.
• Write from your personal perspective. The strength of Peace X Peace publications is that they are first-person accounts. (Articles can be published anonymously.)
• Include your location (country).
• Attach a photo of you or the people and events described in the post (optional).

Some tips as you write:

• Ask yourself:

o How does your life experience in your community or country contribute to social
change for women?
o How does the story you are telling relate to cross-cultural understanding?
o What questions do you have for Western women?

• The most compelling (and widely read) articles make a personal connection. For example, if you are writing about an issue, include details about why you personally care about that issue.
• The experiences described can be large or small.
• We welcome stories about challenges or accomplishments or both.
• If writing about a challenge, pose a question or suggest an action that addresses that challenge.
• What next step would you like readers to take after reading your article? Be clear about what that action is.

We will publish 1 new Connection Point article every week. Articles will be shared on our website (www.peacexpeace.org) and distributed to over 18,000 subscribers.

To see an example of the kind of article Peace X Peace is seeking, look at this link.

To submit a story or ask questions email: Najuan Daadleh, Connection Point Project Manager, connectionpoint@peacexpeace.org

More information here.
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