20 December 2010

Editor Needed for a Fashion Publication (Manhattan)

Post date: 20 December 2010
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Looking for a fashion editor to oversee the creation, development and presentation of content for a fashion publication as well as work in fashion photo shoots and web pages.

You may also specialize in clothing, accessories, makeup, hair, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Find ideas and decide the rest of the editorial team of what would be suitable for publication in fashion
  • Meet designers and attend fashion shows
  • Keeping up with the latest fashion trends
  • They have to study samples of product design and select content for publication should fashion

Skills and specifications

  • Must have a passion for fashion, you must follow industry trends and fashion forecasts
  • It must also have good writing skills and journalistic talent to produce good content
  • Communicate effectively and clearly
  • Good organization and planning will also help
  • Competitive and have excellent interpersonal and management skills

Fashion editors may start as freelancers on contract work or full time.

Location: Manhattan

More information here.
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