20 December 2010

Call for Submissions - Hoax #5: Feminism and Community

Post date: 20 December 2010
Deadline: 21 February 2011

Potential ideas for material include, but are not limited to:

* elitism (identity politics & border policing & hierarchies within communities)
* cliques & exclusivities
* success & personal stories
* the environment (food politics & urban gardening & eco-feminism & women in farming/farm lands)
* accessibility (language & locations (urban vs rural) & academia & pretention & childcare)
* work/ production (economics & capitalism)
* social movements (then vs now - legacy of the 60s)
* assimilation vs liberation (when, if, and how to assimilate)
* the self (self-care & where the self ends and community begins)
* what makes a community (how does one feel included? & how do we include others & what it means to find a “home” (limits of family))
* networking (action & teamwork & friendship)
* “diversity” (do we need varieties of people in a community? & tolerance vs acceptance (cultural relativity))
* space (physical/ emotional)
* legislation (policy & community organizing)
* love (hate & anger)

We also totally need lots of artwork (photos, collages, illustrations, drawings, paintings, comics, etc.)! Particularly for background designs and things that compliment the written material.

We are still currently selling and mailing out issues of #4 (back issues are also available as well)! We apologize if you have yet to receive your copy - the semester has just ended and we are dealing with sari’s move back to Pennsylvania for the next six weeks. Because of this temporary separation, we are putting this call for submissions out now. Also, taking into account the fact that sari has one semester left and we both don’t know where we will be next year, we are on a real deadline for #5 that we will need to stick to in order to print at an affordable price. Please aim to submit your amazing material by February 21st, 2011. If you are interested, please feel free to e-mail us your ideas for topics!

To reiterate, we are not inflexible with the submission date, but we are not in a position where we can continually push it back like we did with #4. The sooner you send us ideas and essays the better! Looking forward to see your work!

More information here.
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.