27 December 2010

Apply for The Women's Film Preservation Fund

Post date: 27 December 2010
Deadline: 15 March 2011

The Women's Film Preservation Fund, founded by New York Women in Film & Television, seeks proposals for the preservation or restoration of American films, from any era, in which women have held significant creative positions, including, but not limited to, writer, director, producer, editor and performer. Deadline: March 15, 2011. Applicants are encouraged to apply early so that we can check to make sure the application is complete.

The mission of the Women's Film Preservation Fund is to:

* identify and preserve Americans films in which women have played a
significant creative role;
* present these restored films publicly as a way to increase awareness of women's contribution to medium and the importance of film preservation;
* contribute to enhanced knowledge of the important role of women in film history; and,
* work with organizations with similar goals, sharing resources and information.


Individuals and not-for-profit organizations are eligible to apply. Grants will be reported for tax purposes. Organizations must submit evidence of tax-exempt status. Films may be of any length, on any subject matter and in any format or base.

Submission Deadline

Application deadline for the 2010-2011 funding cycle is March 15, 2011.

Grant Amounts

Grants are usually under $10,000. Larger grants may be made. In-kind grants for up to $25,000 are also awarded from from Cineric, Inc. The grants may only be used for actual costs connected with the restoration/preservation, not for salaries or general administrative costs.

How to Apply

Please read carefully!

Before applying for a WFPF grant, all applicants must have the physical film materials reviewed by a laboratory that can supply a financial estimate of the work needed.

Applicants should submit the following:

I. A cover sheet (see form in application) with a 2-3-page letter including:

1. A brief description of the subject/content of the film;
2. Statement of the unique artistic, historic and/or educational value of the film;
3. Length, format and base of the film;
4. Background of the key creative women, including their other film works and their contribution to the art and industry of filmmaking;
5. Full credits, as available;
6. Whereabouts and present condition of the film;
7. Evidence that film elements are unique and have not already been preserved;
8. Preservation/restoration required;
9. Names and experience of persons responsible for the restoration;
10. Plans for making the film accessible after restoration.

II. A Budget of estimated expenses, amount of this request, and plan for obtaining remaining funding.

III. Reviews and critiques of the film, if available (please submit no more than 5 pages of supporting materials per film).

IV. Individuals only

A letter from an established film archive or similar organization stating its ability and willingness to supply technical advice and expertise concerning the actual restoration/preservation of the film.

V. Individuals and Organizations lacking suitable storage facilities

A letter from an established film archive or similar organization stating its ability and willingness to store the preserved material on deposit. (Upon request, the Women's Film Preservation Fund will suggest names of such archives to grantees who meet all other requirements).

For additional information, please call Easmanie Michel (212) 679-0870, ext 39.

Apply online here. More information here.
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