27 November 2010

Mobile-Makover.co.uk is Looking for Journalist Editor

Post date: 27 November 2010
Mobile-Makover.co.uk will be launching at the end of December.

We are a very exciting step by step makeup tutorial company with a fresh twist.

Having already established some great media connections, we need a talented writer to :-

  • Write a feature article on us for press
  • Copy-write our website
  • Additional journalistic tasks

This will involve on going monthly work, which you if you like the industry you will really enjoy.

To qualify for us you must have a proven track record in the Make Up / Beauty industry in terms of editorial or feel creative enough with a track record within feature writing.

Please send a bit about yourself, and reference articles you have written to info@mobile-makeover.co.uk

More information here.
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