18 November 2010

Ellora Cave to Accept Submissions for Blush Line (non-er0tic) Starting January 2011

Post date: 18 November 2010
Starting Date: January 2011

Blush is our line of non-erotic romances, of any genre. (Formerly known as Cerridwen Press.) We will be accepting submissions starting in January 2011.

Story length is 7,000 to 125,000 words. Sensuality level can be anything from sweet (kisses only) to sensual-but-not-quite-erotic. We do not publish inspirational/religious romances or category-style romances. (No secret baby, Big Misunderstanding, amnesiac in the storm, ex-SEAL-turned-sheriff, billionaire’s secretary/mistress, or TSTL heroines.)

Cotillion is our line of sweet Traditional Regency romances. Story length is 7,000 to 75,000 words.

We do not publish non-fiction, poetry, children’s literature.

How to Submit

All submissions for Ellora’s Cave must be sent via email to Submissions@ellorascave.com.

~ brief professional cover email (genre and length of story; one or two paragraph blurb; previous publication credits; no personal information or anything unrelated to the story)

An attached doc or rtf file containing:

~ detailed synopsis (2 to 4 pages describing setting and main characters, conflict, full plot and resolution)
~ the first three chapters and the final chapter of your manuscript (If it is a short story of 7-15,000 words, send the full manuscript.)

Include the following on the first page of the document and in the cover email:

Title Author pen and real names & email address Genre Word count of full manuscript Blurb (200 words max)

Note: We are an e-publisher and all our work is done electronically; we do not accept paper submissions or correspondence.

Please be sure your submission has been thoroughly self-edited (and we highly recommend having frank critique partners look at it!), and has been proofread by several skilled and experienced persons other than yourself. It should be basically free of typos and grammatical errors. We do not specify a required format and your manuscript will not be rejected due to formatting. We suggest using one-inch margins and a common, variable, serif font (such as Times Roman, Arial, Book Antiqua).

Notice for previously published authors: We will consider your out-of-print books if you hold exclusive rights.

Please do not email to inquire about status of your submission. You will receive an initial response within six weeks.

More information here.
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