25 November 2010

Call for Stories/ Essays: Latinas in Male-Dominated Trades (Onda Books)

Post date: 25 November 2010
Onda Books seeks essays by Latino women working in male-dominated trades, e.g., electricians, construction, plumbing, mechanical fields, etc., for inclusion in an upcoming book project. Specifically, we are looking for stories of Latinas who have overcome struggles and hurdles to succeed in male-dominated blue collar jobs. The essays should detail the economic and personal picture of life before beginning the trade, during the process of learning the trade, and the outcome of mastering the trade and how the woman’s life has changed because in terms of economic and personal success.

If you feel your story matches these guidelines, please submit a preliminary essay of no more than 250 words in order to be considered.

Rose Contreras, owner
Onda Books

Email: info@ondabooks.com for more info

More information here.
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