10 October 2010

Writing for BackHome Magazine (pays $35 per page)

Post date: 10 October 2010
BackHome is a down-to-earth, how-to magazine whose primary purpose is to help people gain more control over their own lives by doing more for themselves. We are looking for interesting, lively, preferably first-person articles based upon actual experience in the fields of gardening, home construction and repair, workshop projects, cooking, crafts, outdoor recreation, family activities and vacations, livestock, home business, home-based and other education, and community/neighborhood action.

In general, we’ll consider any article that will help our readers improve the quality of life—for themselves, their families, their community, and their environment. We seldom publish essays or basically philosophical contemplations.

You can query or make submissions by e-mail info - at - backhomemagazine.com. We try to answer queries within a reasonable time. You are welcome to send complete articles, but in most cases sending a query in advance gives us a chance to help you develop the slant and focus we want for our readers. It also may save you the trouble of writing an article only to discover that we have a similar one in our files or have assigned the subject to someone else.

At present our base rate of pay is $35 a printed page, payable upon publication. We pay extra for good clear photographs: color prints are preferable but transparencies are OK. We return all photos sent to us. We prefer to buy first North American serial rights, in which case you're free to sell the article elsewhere after we run it, but we may hold your accepted submission for a considerable time before finding a spot for it. (We sometimes use second-rights material if its previous appearance was not in a major publication.) If after accepting an article we find we can’t use it, we pay a kill fee of $25.

When submitting an article, please include your full name, address, and phone number. If you submit hard copy it is helpful if you can provide your manuscript on computer disk or transmit it by modem, but don’t do so unless we request this—just let us know the possibilities. A stamped self-addressed envelope, or your e-mail address, will speed up our answers to your queries, and an envelope with correct postage is essential if you want your manuscript and photos returned. If you haven’t seen BackHome, we strongly suggest you read at least an issue or two to get a better feel for the magazine before you try to write for us. If you can’t find BackHome locally, you can order a sample from us for $5.00 or a one-year subscription for $21.97 (six issues).

Email backhome - at - ioa.com.

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