04 October 2010

Loving a Veteran - Call for Submissions

Post date: 04 October 2010
My partner is a veteran of the Iraq War.

I am looking for other spouses/partners/mothers/fathers/siblings/children of veterans of the US military to contribute to a zine about the struggles of supporting a veteran.

I am hoping to collect essays, poems, drawings, lyrics, etc to compile into a self-published magazine that could be distributed throughout the city and the country to help create a community of support for our returning veterans and also for the loved ones of these veterans, whose struggles often go unrecognized. I would also be happy to meet or talk on the phone and do a interview to be included in the zine if you do not feel you have the time to make a submission. I myself have felt the isolation of being in a relationship with a veteran and have longed for a community of people that have some shared experience.

Submissions may be anonymous or credited as the author chooses. I am not affiliated with any organization and this is a completely not-for-profit endeavor. Each person who submits will receive a finished copy of the compilation if they so choose.

Please tell your friends/relatives about this project if you think they might be interested in contributing.

E-mail: comm-fzjkh-1987427751@craigslist.org

More information here.
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