12 October 2010

Guest Posting for 365 Days of Style

Post date: 12 October 2010
Guest Posting Guidelines and Policies

You know what? we're always on the hunt for new voices in personal style, so if you're thinking about writing for 365 Days of Style, you're in luck!

Of course, we're not the only folks to benefit. You get to reach out to our growing audience, and meet your new potential subscribers, customers and friends! You know this, or you wouldn't be reading.

So, before we rush ahead, let's go over a few of the details, shall we?

Fluff Ain't Enuff

365 Days of Style offers readers useful, practical, helpful, actionable writing that focuses on improving personal style. Please be an expert - we want to know that you know what you´re talking about! Reach out, be friendly, and show our subscribers how you do it your way, and how they can do it theirs.

Seen any cool style lately that you can show our readers how to duplicate?

* Have you noticed a common fashion blunder that you know how to solve?
* Are there tips, tricks and tactics you apply that have improved your personal style or self esteem? Tell our readers and inspire them to try this new strategy for results.
* Do you have opinions? Look at the pros and cons and make your case.

Don't Be A Copycat!

Yeah, I know it's easier to guest post when you can just pull something from the archives. Thing is, we're wanting to offer something different and unique. After all, hopefully our readers will become yours, too, and will find that archived piece anyway. We're not about re-runs, and we would never offer our re-runs to you, either.

Besides, unique content is better for both of us, SEO-wise.

A Few Tidbits for Inspiration

* Grab Attention - A headline is the first thing a reader will notice. How can you make yours stand out? We like taking inspiration from Cosmo... at least some of the time.
* Be YOU. Only you can be you. That´s the best thing about guest posting: you get a chance to share how YOU see the world with a new audience. Don't flub it by presenting the same point of view as everyone else. Take the less-traveled path, and make a real name for yourself.
* Be tomorrow today. Don't write about a topic we've already covered. Give us a new look. Give us tomorrow's post, not yesterday's.
* We like the quirky and fun. Tell us YOUR story, write something provocative, use metaphors or "best of..." lists. Have a good time.

We Are Real Women

We focus on the women you know from your daily lives. The moms, small business owners, the grocery store clerks and the chick next door. We're not celebrities, we don't look like them, and we don't dress like them.

Focus on how to make the best of every body type, stretching personal boundaries, creativity in clothing and other topics that we can relate to.

* Make sure your topic is within our general content boundaries. Read some of our blog and weekly lesson posts to get a feel for the personality of our site.
* Focus! Personal style is the key - not runway or magazine fashion. Show us how WE can do it well, for ourselves.
* Reviews: If you want to write about the latest trend or beauty product, we'd love that. Just make sure you're clear on how we can make this work for us, or who it benefits and how. Not all women can wear the same styles, and we're about individual bodies and style.

We Communicate Clearly

We like to say things clearly. You could say that we want to get our point across. We want your post to be the best it can be, so good writing is a big plus. After all, you want to hook that reader, yes?

* We´re pretty relaxed about certain things, but obvious errors and typos don't help in the communication process. A muddled voice won't do it, either.
* Edit your post. Rewrite it a few times. Set it aside for a day or two and come back to it with fresh eyes to make it really shine.
* We may have some suggestions or minor changes to your post, and will tell you if we feel these suggestions will help you connect with our audience. Don't be offended. We do it to each other all the time.
* Start strong - your introduction should hook readers and drawn them deeper into your post.
* Highlight the important stuff. Subheaders, bullets and images make your post more fun to read. If you want to include specific photos with your article, please send us links or original files that you own copyright to.
* Wrap it up carefully. End your post on a high note, encouraging discussion, commentary and visits to your site.

More Stuff To Keep In Mind (Did I mention we're demanding?)

* Our audience is a mash-up of ladies new to finding their personal style and those who have been working their style for years. We like basics as much as the advanced concepts. The key is to present your own viewpoint.
* Include a photo of yourself (Yeah, we're all about faces here), an illustration of you, or at the very least, something that ties into who you are as a person. Facial photos are much preferred, followed by style/clothing jewelry shots, and lastly logo or brand stuff.
* Send an author bio. Make it fun and interesting, and go ahead - include a link to your site.
* We like internal linking, so please include a link or two to a relevant post or lesson on 365 Days of Style. You may also link out to other relevant posts 'round the web if you´d like - but no more than three links, please.
* No affiliate links, please. We're quite picky about who we promote for cash-money on our site... and with FTC regulations, we'd prefer not to take on the legal issues.
* Submit your posts in Word .doc or .txt format, and try to use HTML markup within your content, if you know how. That's the best way of making your post look the way you want it to - and to earn our affection for making posting your guest appearance easy as pie.
* Please give credit where credit is due, and don't plagiarize. Not that you would.
* Please only submit original work that hasn´t been offered or published elsewhere.
* A guest post is just that, something that you do for benefits other than copyright. If your article is accepted, you grant a license for 365 Days of Style to be the exclusive publisher. You may republish extracts - for example, on your own site (especially to let your readers know that you visited us!) - but the article in its entirety should not appear elsewhere.
* If we end up working together and publishing one or more of your articles, you are consenting to your article(s) to appear in 365 Days of Style Products and service - with credit to you as the author and information about your website included. This applies to the full article, extracts, samples, and examples of the article(s).
* If your article is accepted, you consent to the full article, extracts, samples or examples appearing in other 365 Days of Style products and/or services. Don´t worry - we´ll credit you as author.

You're Brave, Making It Through All That!

Email us, and attach the guest post you´d like to submit for our review or the topic that you are interested in writing. Let us know a little about who you are, and please provide a link to your site or your blog.

We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Please be patient. We will reply and get back to you with any comments, questions, or a publication date!

More information here.
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