09 October 2010

GSI Position: Introduction to Women's Studies, University of Michigan

Post date: 09 October 2010
Deadline: 19 October 2010

Applications are due by Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010 in 1122 Lane Hall, 204 S. State St. (corner of Washington)

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WS 240 Introduction to Women's Studies

This course is a survey introduction to the critical, theoretical, and historical study of women and gender in America from a feminist perspective. Readings range across a wide body of feminist scholarship in order to familiarize students with key questions, theoretical tools, and issues within the field. The course aims to sharpen critical awareness of how gender operates in institutional and cultural contexts, in students' own lives and the lives of others. Two questions are central to the course: How is gender created and maintained through social practices (e.g., ideology or media representations)? How do these gendered social practices intersect with other social categories, such as race and ethnicity, social class and sexuality? Because Women's Studies grew out of women's activism, this course explores the relationship between the generation of knowledge about women and gender, and how to bring about gender equity in a society where race and ethnicity matter. Most of the course materials are drawn from the U.S. context; however, several weeks' readings and lectures address feminist work in other parts of the world and transnationally. A final project explores how activism and community engagement work to improve women’s lives. This course fulfills the LSA Race and Ethnicity requirement because of its attention to the role of race and ethnicity in women’s lives.

The course is taught by an interdisciplinary team of 4 GSIs and one faculty member. GSI responsibilities will include teaching 2 two-hour discussion sections of 25 students each, all grading for the sections, participating in weekly team meetings, and may include developing a week-long unit (including lectures). We are looking for GSIs who are familiar with a range of feminist issues, have studied feminist scholarship at the graduate level, are interested in collaborating on a teaching team, and have done coursework in Women's Studies and one of the following areas: English, History, Psychology or Sociology. Our preference is to hire students with previous college teaching experience. We strive to select a teaching team from a range of academic disciplines.

WS 400 Women's Reproductive Health

This course focuses on the bio-medical and socio-political factors affecting the reproductive health of women, e.g. pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, and menopause. The course engages students in scientifically rigorous critiques of current research in women’s reproductive health. The major emphasis is on developing critical thinking skills and self-care capabilities in order to educate and empower students to become proactive within the health care system.
The course is taught by two faculty members and two GSIs. Part of this appointment is through the Sweetland Writing Center. The GSI teaches 2-one hour sections with 25 students each and is responsible for grading papers and exams. This course meets the upper-level writing requirement for undergraduates; GSIs work with students on writing skills. Applicants should have background and knowledge relevant to women's reproductive health and experience teaching writing. As required by the Sweetland Writing Center, GSIs who have not taken SWC 993 (GSI Training: Writing in the Disciplines) must take this one-credit hands-on workshop that trains GSIs on how to teach and grade writing either before or while teaching this class.

WS 420 Group Facilitation in Women's Studies

A seminar for facilitators of small group discussion on women's issues (WS 100), WS 420 provides training in group process skills and an opportunity to explore women's issues. WS 420 is taught by an instructor and a GSI. The GSI assists the faculty member in facilitating two class discussions per week which focus on planning and reviewing the WS 100 class sessions, responds to short weekly reports from the students, assists with the planning of a class mini conference on activism, meets with students from both WS 420 and WS 100, and contributes to the material development for the course. We are looking for a GSI with relevant experience and background in: women's issues; multicultural and feminist pedagogy; the intersections among race, gender, social class, sexuality, disability and other identities; and group and intergroup dynamics.

Important Information for Potential GSI Applicants

* Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program at the U-M, and they must be enrolled in at least six graduate course hours during the term they are teaching.

* Criteria for each course are included in the descriptions of positions. General criteria include previous teaching experience, graduate work in Women’s Studies, background and knowledge relevant to the course material, and experience in feminist pedagogy and/or group dynamics.

* Women of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

* Alternates will be identified.

* Applicants should review course syllabi, which are on reserve in the Women’s Studies Reading Room, adjacent to the main Women’s Studies office in 1122 Lane Hall.

Important Dates:

Oct. 19- Applications are due in the Women’s Studies Office, 1122 Lane Hall.

Nov. 3- Final date by which applicants will be contacted for interviews; if you have not been contacted, you will not be interviewed. Please do not contact the instructor.

Nov. 12- Applicants notified of offers via email – letters will follow; if you have not been contacted, you will not receive an offer. Please do not contact the instructor. All applicants will be notified of other decisions after this date.

Nov. 19- Fall offer letters and fraction calculations mailed.

Nov. 30- Deadline for receiving signed responses to fall offer letters. Beyond this date, offers may be withdrawn if no response has been received.

QUESTIONS? e-mail wsgsiinquiry@umich.edu

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