30 September 2010

Today's Top-paying Writing Jobs, Free Competitions, Paying Markets

Post date: 30 September 2010
Top-paying writing job(s):

This list is provided daily and entries are not recycled. We review all writing job/contest announcements and calls for submissions daily and include those offering decent payment to writers.

1. From Craigslist, topic: events, pays $200 per work

2. From Craigslist, topic: local information, pays $20 per work

3. From Craigslist, topic: education, pays $19.2 per work

4. From People Hour, topic: clothes and shoes, pays $13.5 per work

5. From Craigslist, topic: marketing collaterals, pays $12 per work

6. From WorkingBase, topic: disability issues, pays $12 per work

7. From Gumtree, topic: general, fashion and interior design, pays $7.5 per work

Note: To make rates comparable, we have converted them to 400-word rate (standard one-page article, double-spaced). Please click on the site link to see actual pay rates.
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