08 September 2010

The Parents Papers Seeks True Stories (payment - $100)

Post date: 08 September 2010
Deadline: open

The Parent Papers are true stories about the everyday challenges of raising kids. These are not preachy sermons as our intended audience is more broad than any single religion. All children present challenges and all parents have stories. We want to include rather than exclude any specific group. We're all in this crazy ride together... so let's help each other remember we're not alone with the challenges that bump us along the way.

Our stories are not for a 'how-to' parenting book. These are stories to make our readers laugh, cry, sigh, and see themselves through another's tale. We intend these anthologies to reflect the reality of parenting - warts and all. Overly sentimental and unrealistic stories will not provide the support for everyday parents that is the goal of this project. We want parents to feel support through our anthologies, NOT judgement.

We are currently concentrating our story collection on themes more specific to younger children although we have every intention of expanding our anthologies to include all age groups at later dates. Please see our 'Under Development' tab for the topics we are currently accepting.

The stories should be written in the first person. It should be more than an anecdote - a story about problems during potty training could end in the child's first full day of success; or a temper tantrum could end with a parent's new idea on how to deal with it; or a tale about a child talking back in a particular situation could end with how the problem solved or even if it was solved. Kids are so funny that even the worst situation can be funny or inspiring if it is approached from the right angle.

Mostly, these stories should come from your heart. No matter how angry or disappointed we may become with our children, they always hold our hearts in their little hands... so the story should come from the heart as well. And remember, yours may be the only story that speaks to another parent across the country. Your story is important!

The Nitty Gritty

Stories should be in the first person. Submissions from parents, grandparents, and any caregivers/babysitters are welcome.

Please submit only true stories - something that has happened either to you or someone you know.

Story length between 300-1000 words.

Please submit only stories that have not been previously published.

There are two ways to submit.

Option One: Use the submission form on this site.

Option Two: Submit via email at submissions@theparentpapers.co Please, no attachments. Send the story in the body.

If your story is chosen for publication in one of our anthologies, you will be paid $100 (US) upon publication of the book.

More information here.
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