08 September 2010

Call for Submissions: The Sharp-Tongued Woman Review

Post date: 08 September 2010
Deadline: open


Traditional and experimental stories of female characters written by male or female authors. While it is acceptable to "write what you know," special consideration will be given to those who tell a story uniquely. It is also acceptable to "write what you can imagine." All stories benefit from a specificity gained from close observation or immersion in a real or imagined world. This kind of storytelling takes time. Think focused, intense, polished, and, when applicable, well-researched. Publication is monthly. The number of stories per issue will vary depending upon the quality of the stories submitted as well as the time limitations of the editor. While I may not be able to publish every accomplished piece, I wish all smart work a beautiful home. I haven't given a word limit to stories. I am open to work that is very short or very long. If a piece keeps me turning the pages, I will be motivated to find a way to get it into the journal as long as it's a long short story and not a novella. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. If your work is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw your story from consideration using the submissions manager. Thank you. Response time is three months or less.

Essays and Scholarly Works

Essays and scholarly works reflecting upon the subjects of women and writing, women and publishing, women and literature, or other issues that may be of interest. In the case of the last descriptive category, please query via the submissions manager. While a positive response to a query does not guarantee publication, it can give the writer a better idea about the kind of material the journal is seeking. Personal essays related to the themes listed above are also accepted and encouraged. Essay writers are encouraged to think along the lines of in-depth organized reflection and to assume nothing in terms of common ground with the reader. All summary statements are to be earned through the process of careful reflection and thoughtful analysis. When citing sources, please use endnotes instead of footnotes. This will help in the formatting and publication of your piece. Please make sure endnotes and bibliographic references are properly formatted. In the case of submitting a scholarly work, please submit a CV via the submissions manager, using the multiple submissions function. Publication is monthly. The number of scholarly works and essays per issue will vary. While I may not be able to publish every accomplished piece, I wish all smart work a beautiful home. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. Please withdraw your piece from consideration via the submissions manager if your work is accepted at another journal.

Book Reviews

1500 words word limit. Book reviews are encouraged. Please submit a query, using the "book review" category on the submissions manager. In the query, provide the name and author of the book to be reviewed, as well as other identifying information, including sources of current reviews. Also, please provide information about your experience as a reviewer as well as two sample copies of previous book reviews. These book reviews can be pasted into your letter. New reviewers will receive consideration and are encouraged to query. Please provide information about your writing experience and any other information that will support your ability to write a book review. Also, please supply two samples of your writing pasted into your query. For experienced and new reviewers alike, there will be the expectation of a willingness to work with the editor. While this applies to all categories of accepted work, it is especially important to be clear on this point when it comes to reviews. If a reviewer cannot write a balanced treatment of the book selected, the writer may propose a new review. The editor wants to make sure the reviewer is generally happy with the book being reviewed and while some critique is expected on the part of the reviewer, the purpose is to provide enough insight about a work so that the reader can make an informed choice.


Call for interviews: Seeking interviews of female authors, nonprofit organizations supporting female authors, feminist scholars whose work is related to the journal's theme, and interviews of others whose interests and occupations would be relevant. First, send a query via the submissions manager using this submission category. Do not submit an interview without querying. Thank you.

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