29 September 2010

Aurora Regency Press is Actively Seeking Submissions for 2011 Release Schedule

Post date: 29 September 2010
Aurora Regency and Aurora Regency Historicals are actively seeking submissions for our 2011 release schedule.

We are specifically looking for the following:

1--traditional Regency romances for the Aurora Regency line. If your Regency has erotic content, then it will be considered by the Aurora Regency Historicals line.

2--historical romances, any heat level acceptable sub-genres: any era is welcome, but really would love to see Tudor, medieval and Victorian stories. There's a big audience for US Westerns at the moment. I would fall all over myself to get a classical (Greco-Roman) love story. I also haven't seen many stories set in the Orient or within the Oriental cultures but boy I'd sure like to.

3--historical fiction of any type, pre-1900. We are not interested in anything after 1900 unless it bridges into the twentieth century as time elapses in the novel. Historical fiction does NOT have to have romance as a major plot line.

4--historical gay fiction. Find it hard to imagine that there weren't gay relationships during the Regency? Yeah, we do too.

Please check our submissions page on this blog for guidelines. Please follow the guidelines COMPLETELY. The slush lizard gets very upset when he's sent manuscripts without query letters, manuscripts without REQUESTS, or manuscripts without paragraph breaks. We don't want to upset the slush lizard, now do we? I didn't think so.

Please address all queries to Celina Summers. If you have a question over whether your manuscript will fit in with Aurora, please feel free to ask before you query.

E-mail: AuroraRegency@gmail.com

More information here.
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